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Hi, we’re a rock quartet from Lipetsk, Russia. We do a bit of this and that in our music, but what our goddamn passion is — rock, riff, groove and melody. Go ahead and listen to our debut LP and it will speak to you better than any words!

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Tease, Strive, Kill, Kiss, Laugh, Die

Try me

No More Than A Disease


Let's Start It Again

Piece Of Me

She's a Valkyrie

I Don't Believe You

Like A Bullet

Burn Motherfucker

Run Gunner

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The following notorious gentlemen were breaking the bones making this record:
Anton Pikalov — guitars, keyboard, vocals
Ilya Melnik — bass guitar
Vladimir Barvinsky — drums
Roman Khomutski — guitars, special effects
Roman Zastrozhin — harp
Andrey Karpiy — electric piano
Max Radev — backing vocals

All tracks were written and arranged by The Damn Ol’ Bones in 2010-2011, lyrics by Anton Pikalov. Laid on tape in Lipetsk during the cold Russian winter and some of the warmer times in the spring of 2012. Drums and bass recorded at Bunker underground studios. Guitars and vocals were done on VKTL Records. Recorded and engineered by Roman Khomutski and Alexander Shmelev. Touches of brilliance, mixing and mastering were executed by Roman Khomutski and Anton Pikalov during the rest of the year of 2012 and January-February, 2013. Art-direction by Roman Khomutski. Design, drawings and layout by Irina Agafonova. The CD was published internationally with the help of the Label With No Name And Logo from Moscow, Russia in March, 2013.

The band would collectively like to express their adoration and respect for the following people:
Alexander «Vuktyl» Shmelev (without you this project wouldn’t have happened like it finally did), Alexander Pirogov and «Non-Stop» (eternally grateful to you for all your support, mics’n’cabs), Sergey Kalinkin (we won’t let Bunker collapse!), Kailess — Max and Phillip (thanks for the drumkit this time!), Anton Ignatenko (Hammond, tubes, cheers!) and Street Blues Band, Eugene Korolkov (for partnership), Stanislav Sazhaev and the whole OBLAKA crew, Nil Novikov, Dmitriy Uvarov, Eugene Ast, Kamille Sharapodinov, Irina and Asya (our wives — for patience), Eugene Panichkin, Irina Agafonova (sorry for the sleepless nights!), Vladimir Filippov (for the logo), Sergey Bessonov (our guitar wizard) Andrey Ivanov (for lending the guitar), Rodion Tatarinov (for language support), Eduard Hairullin and Alex Froloff (for grammar assistance), and last, but not least Anton Kitaev and Oleg Dynia — your loyalty to rock’n’roll seems unbelievable, you both are faithful and generous dudes. We salute you!

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The Story
There were various rumors going around about him, and since he lived in the seedy part of town, all of them were shrouded in mystery and somewhat sinister. At times he was described to have mystic attributes, something like snake-charming and shamanism, all due to the sour stench emanating from his shack. But overall, he had a reputation of being a gloomy bastard that regular folks stayed away from.

One of the main rumors had it that he lost his leg in a drunken brawl in a god-forsaken bar, from which he crawled by himself to the nearest hospital while bleeding heavily. Others said that it was the result of a Vietnam War injury, and the living proof of that was a dog that he supposedly inherited from his fallen buddy. The truth is that it had to be amputated after an accidental shot crushed both of his thigh-bones when he was cleaning his favorite Smith & Wesson 500. As to the dog, it approached him in the street, having apparently sensed a kindred spirit. It was obvious that the dog also enjoyed its freedom and could disappear for weeks at a time and then return as if nothing had happened.

Tonight bursts of laughter, shrieks and unabated loud noise — which some boneheads call music — coming from the house next door didn’t let old man Doggy Bone enjoy a glass of whiskey on a nice evening.

«As god is my witness, I didn’t want this,» said Doggy through his still remaining clenched teeth as his imposing figure grew in the neighbor’s door frame. The young victims of the entertainment industry were backing away from his comrade in arms, the growling Bonny the Bulldog.

Several minutes and lost teeth later, Doggy climbed victoriously up to his patio, squeezing in his hand a newly obtained serving of his favorite booze.

«Hey, baby, look what I’ve got.»

It was just the beginning of his party...

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CDs are available for international purchase from our label NoName or  can be directly requested from Anton Kitaev
and also from Ozium Records

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